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Liu Yi, general manager of speech technology systems in science and technology innovation forum

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Today, with everyone sitting together mainly want the ability for innovation, what is innovation, how to innovate and other issues we are concerned, the freedom, and open communication. Currently electromagnetic center as the company's main suite of products design department, is a direct relationship between the output of the company's products, mainly electrical centers are supporting research and development and design, so this is the main strength of the company two centers of technological innovation. But I'm everyone's innovative R & D Status worried, because at present most of the two centers of innovation of existing products and technological improvements. The two center posts and setting a quota of comprehensive management reform, optimize and adjust the work is nearing completion. I would like to take this opportunity to further improve the organization and management of technology and innovation management system, so that we play a dynamic, positive play, to achieve the company's innovation to enhance the mobilization and innovation capacity.

Electromagnetic industry this ecosystem is very complex, each company has its own survival. For example, electromagnetic Yueyang Hongsheng Technology Co., ongoing product development and technological innovation, the formation of electromagnetic products, automotive air conditioning, a second class pressure vessel manufacturing, metallurgy, machinery and other have their own characteristics Hongsheng technology products; Again electromagnetic Yueyang Hercules Machinery Co., Ltd., Central China Yueyang electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd., also for their different markets have developed their own special products. Branch electric industry has the most abundant technical strength and excellent marketing team, we can develop more high-quality products, the formation of its own characteristics of the new chain.

Our company's main Metallurgy Products business, professional targeted, industry is the most regulated companies, we can broaden our thinking, strengthen in other application areas of product development, expand the company's business areas, enhance the income level of the company. Speaking of innovation, a lot of people think is an incredible thing, in fact, innovation does not necessarily have to be the invention of sophisticated things, a lot of simple things can become better through innovative equipment, good product. Innovation is not innovation for innovation, but to combine specific practical problems are discovered from the actual work, and continue to grow and accumulate in the process of solving problems. Innovation is a continuous process of accumulation, say the current design task of the central portion of a large amount of electromagnetic products, people feel very tired, the reason is because the designer technology, accumulated experience is not enough, not to practice makes perfect stage. Designers on the one hand to be more to explore, more research, on the other hand to draw industry expertise, technical information and more check design manual, try to make the initial design meet the relevant national standards, thus reducing the workload but also improve work efficiency. And other technical personnel to the extent that practice makes perfect, the technical level, there are a wealth of accumulated experience, to carry out their daily activities on innovation and design work alone.

Some small innovations, accumulated over time, continue to improve, to make a good product, and even the formation of a large-scale industrial clusters. Let me give you a copy Xinhua industry examples: the 1960s, Xinhua people on behalf of Xing Yi, Yi-generation fertility brothers originally repair stencil lettering steel, by chance, let them find Fuling People's Bank typewriter typing missing problem, but also Chen old problem, so they began to observe a typewriter, a typewriter was found loose bolts, and while only repaired typewriters, earn a pot of gold by tightening a screw, after which they began to delve into the typewriter, switch and started to repair mechanical typewriter. They are constantly expanding business groups, Xinhua also set up a printer for maintenance of lettering as the main business of the company. In the 1970s, began to enter the field of office copiers, they keep pace with the times, by the maintenance of the mechanical typewriter to upgrade maintenance of copiers, and again in the formation of a huge Xinhua maintenance of copiers groups. In the 1990s, they recovered back after copier maintenance is good, and he started the copy typing services. They use their copier repaired copy started in business, so that the development of a nationwide network copying business industry, and combined with the existing typewriter, copier maintenance and consumable supplies business, forming a complete photocopying, typing chain, feed Xinhua county of more than 20 million people, accounting for one sixth of the population of the county. This phenomenon is very instructive, this is a concrete manifestation of continuous innovation. First, the original plate was found to repair the problem and successfully repaired typewriters typewriter, which fully reflects the generation of Xing Yi, Yi-generation fertility brothers innovative proactive; second, the transfer of industries from steel to repair a typewriter repair, and then copy industry this series of industrial transfer, every industrial transfer is an innovation, it is Xinhua people at all times have such a sense of innovation, seize the opportunity to again and again, and again innovation, and ultimately the formation of "Xinhua phenomenon . " Yi Xing-generation, easy generation of education only through the maintenance of two brothers on a typewriter formed its own characteristics of products and services, through continuous integration of resources and the transfer of industries, related industries formed a complete industrial chain, resulting in great economic benefits . In fact, we may also Thus, by a small innovation, through the gradual upgrading and improvement to form a series of new product lines, even as the company opened a new field of industry, the company has created a new economic growth point , employees and shareholders to enjoy more benefits. I am interested in any other department, one employee made any innovation are strongly supported and valued, based on such an expectation.

There is a theory called the "chaos theory", which is a method for qualitative and quantitative analysis of both the Thought, I used the "butterfly effect" to explain. The world '70s, American meteorologist named Lorenz system theory in the interpretation of air that occasionally the Amazon rain forest a butterfly wing vibration, and perhaps it will cause a tornado in Texas two weeks later. Into the field of technological innovation, one small problem to solve, or a small product improvement and innovation like butterfly wings occasionally vibration, with the passage of time and the accumulation of technology, and perhaps it will bear the fruits of innovation. Before there is a general awareness of such companies, the company is taking to improve the imitation route, rarely comes to originality, that the company lacks originality, I do not agree with this view. No equal to none in the past, there is no does not mean no future, I believe that our employees have enough wisdom, as long as we are full of confidence, full of vitality, and have good mechanisms and measures to support and drive, we will be able to make including the original, including technological innovation. Do not bother doing too little innovation, more than talking about "Xinhua phenomenon" is not is only tighten a screw from the beginning of it? The key is to focus on target areas, perseverance and constant innovation.

For a long time, General Lee, General Chiang technology leader for the company's technological development has made an outstanding contribution to our young people to learn the General Lee, General Chiang pioneering spirit. However, some of them young engineers had a strong sense of dependence, conscious awareness of independent innovation is not strong, hands and feet can not relax, enthusiasm is not high enough. This phenomenon is of course by the electromagnetic environment resulting from the metallurgical industry, due to the small size of the industry, confidentiality requirements of high technology, new technologies are accustomed to take from the school, where the master of knowledge, lack of innovation. Confucius said: "Teachers do not have to Yin in the disciples," in fact the General Lee, General Chiang they have their advantages, our young technicians also has its own advantages, we encourage everyone to play their respective advantages, hold different views collide and exchange . For these drawbacks affect our innovation, we need to establish a more robust innovation system.

Construction companies need innovation system from five aspects: First, vigorously promote a culture of innovation, creating an innovative atmosphere, stimulate innovation and vitality of all employees, including technical systems, including; second, the creation of innovative management mechanism in line with the new requirements of the times ; third, within the company, particularly in the technology innovation system to promote scientific methodologies and methodology to guide how we engage in innovation, how to engage in innovation; fourth, to build a learning organization oriented knowledge management system; fifth, establish adaptation Branch in the development of specialized database of experts. In fact, the complementarity between these five persons, inextricably linked. Innovation culture is the foundation of all innovation activities, and good management system innovation and scientific innovation methodology system everyone is excited vitality boosters, is key to achieving high efficiency. Later this year, the company's innovative development department have an important task is to re-develop the company's innovative management system, including the project program innovative projects, an important part of a series of evaluation criteria, innovations benefit-sharing mechanism, and innovation theory Triz systems based on the development of the company to adapt to the characteristics of an efficient innovation system.

History in progress, industrial evolution, our own to achieve the goal of sustainable development, we must change our concepts, the courage to break the inertia of thinking, open-minded, dare to dare. Let me give an example, in Japan there was a level called former insurance salesman, he was the Meiji insurance company employee, when he was the Secretary shortly, wrote a letter to the chairman to explain himself to the development of the company some good advice, but the letter was seen by a chairman of the general staff after the hand, then glanced thrown into the trash, and did not respond to the original level, see, wrote again, but still no response, then, he directly to the chairman's office, asking why no reply to his letter, because he is a chairman of the general staff and dismissive, the original level enraged, he cursed the chairman of a pass, preparing to resign, chairman boss gave him a telephone call, not only forgave him and accepted his proposal, from the original level gradually embarked on the "God of sale" on the road, but also to the Meiji company has brought huge economic benefits. Japan, a country so small, why science and technology is so advanced, I think this is a bold thinker with them, outspoken, willing to challenge the work style are not unrelated. We should allow the company employees have different views in matters of innovation, different ideas, encourage employees to let go of thinking and adopt flexible forms of organization, proactive, passionate, energetic, show courage, to carry out the work. I, as general manager of the company, we are here to ensure that the management team will be democratic style, open-minded, and we carry out equal, a full range of interaction. Let together in a passionate, strong innovation atmosphere, carry out innovative activities.

We are in an era of great opportunities, such as "Internet +", "Industry 4.0""along the way", "Asian investment bank" and other major initiatives at the national level, bringing infinite hope and great opportunity for Chinese industry . Our innovation should not be limited to the steel industry, and to gaze beyond traditional industries, keep up the pace, so we'll find ourselves in front of the space will be more broad. Li Jiabao in his government work report suggested that "the development of 'Internet +' action plan to promote the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data combined with modern manufacturing, and other things, to facilitate electronic commerce, the Internet industry and the healthy development of Internet banking guide Internet companies to expand the international market. "according to my understanding," Internet + "represents not only a new technology model, but also represents a new model of social organization, but also reflects the spirit of the magnificent open. We have to keep up with the CPC Central Committee, State Council pace, try an open mind, because only an open mind in order to generate new ideas, ways and roads, closed thought no way out.

"Internet +" is actually Internet + Internet = XX XX traditional industry sectors, so it's just traditional industries upgrading and updating. For example, Internet + traditional market has been Taobao, Internet + traditional department stores have Jingdong, Internet + traditional business has to pay Alipay, the Internet + traditional matchmaker with good margin century. These are mostly in the industrial upgrading. However, in this process, we need to note that the industry does not use the past to develop the idea of the industry now. At present, our country's industrial system equipment level is uneven, a small portion is 3.0 times, 2.0 times at the most, some can even stay in the 1.0 era, if we are committed to remain in the 1.0, 2.0 era of technology and equipment to upgrade the system 3.0 industrial level, here contains a huge room for innovation, of course, also contains a huge market opportunity.

Innovation embodied in marketing is to technological innovation and marketing integration, to find the user's point of pain, itching points. What is the pain point? Chen old typewriter typing arrhythmia problem, which is the customer's pain points. What is the point of it itch? Customers using the product feels cool, bring happiness and satisfaction, which is the point itch. Then our scientific and technological innovation, especially product innovation, as long as the user to find the point of pain and itch points to worry about profitable. Our technical staff, production staff and marketing staff to work together to find the user's point of pain, itching point, through innovative solutions to their pain points, scratch their itch points.

When it comes to find the pain point, in fact, Ma's family history is reflected this. In fact, the electricity supplier to do far more than one person Ma, at least thousands, but why choose only one person Ma can achieve so much success, to create such a big brand, it is because he caught the online shopping, buyers and the seller in the transaction process credit problems, as well as quality Assurance items both pain points, so he invented the credit guarantee system, the introduction of Alipay, and returned seven days to make provisions to address these two pain points. While establishing a powerful electronic payment services, access to the network and a strong financial sector. If we communicate with our customers when traveling or to the user's production site, to learn, uncover customer pain points, then we will be able to technological innovation can find a lot of topics and projects. Although not every pain point that we can be resolved, but within the limits of our capacity always able to develop a number of new products or LO valuable new service. This will be the company's development, efficiency improvement has strategic significance.

Sense of innovation is creating an unprecedented motives things or ideas, all product innovation foundation. I recommend "Meme Machine," a book, this book is Darwinian evolution in the use of sociology, social and cultural stresses is subject to "meme" Drive to a new point of view describes the spread of cultural ideas. "Meme" is a cultural element, expressed opinions, methods, skills, and other things, the properties of similar genes in genetics, there is a demand of self-replication and dissemination, meme variation in process will produce new variants, small variation, variation there is good and bad, and ultimately lead to survival of the fittest, we use an evolutionary point of view of scientific research and innovation, allowed to make mistakes, but in product innovation project approval to establish a standardized evaluation system, in order to shield our scientific innovation system 90% the above error can be met. Scientific and technological innovation with the evolution of biological evolution, as there is a process of selection and mutation, there is also a selection process of elimination. Therefore, development of new products may succeed or fail, the success of the company to create effective, failed also accumulated technical experience, but there are scientific, standardized technological innovation system checks, we try to put the cost of failure or the cost to a minimum.

As general manager, I am not only promote innovation, and he is personally. For example, this comprehensive management reform that I think in the management and operation of crystallization and practice management innovation. In fact in science and technology, I often wondering something. Once morning run through a construction site, I saw an old driver, manually controlled winches complete lifting and lowering of the hammer, which is a very hard effort to live, about every ten minutes going Substitution operation. At that time I was thinking, these products we can make improvements, such as research and development of a simple control system, automatic control of the piling hammer retractable, to replace manpower. In this way, you can save a lot of labor costs, research and development of this system is not complicated, it is readily available technology, but they can greatly improve work efficiency, but also enhances security. We can take two steps: first, we can provide an automated control system for the piling machine manufacturers; the second step, the integration of the whole production chain, to enter the market size of very large engineering machinery. Now Sany, Zoomlion has annual sales of several hundred million every turn is, if we are not interested in some of the areas they do engineering machinery products, even if they get a percent of the size of the market, our company's annual sales revenue increased several hundred million is not much of a problem. I hope that the company's technical staff is also really use their brains to think and plan these things.

Innovation is not necessarily a new original, but need some energy into the real value of innovation, for example, as long as we do the electrification, automation improvement, it is possible to develop the city of marketable new products. Industrial products 2.0 upgrade to 3.0, there are many things to do, especially the rapid development of Chinese industry, Chinese enterprises equipment system is very complex, some companies have various industrial era equipment, and even a lot of hand-made products. In particular, they are equipped with the 1.0, 2.0, much to improve and perfect place, this will undoubtedly give us the company offers an innovative mechatronics development opportunities and ideas. Just said is a typical product of the industrial piledriver between 1.0, 2.0. We can improve it a little upgrade to 3.0, so that the company can bring benefits, but also cost savings for users, we try to do it? Here, I present our company a new technology product development strategy, first of course we have to absorb, digest Industry 4.0 of knowledge and technology, but we should be based on the present, to enrich the connotation of industry 3.0 and upgrading, and to seize China enterprise equipment level imbalance characteristics of equipment for industrial 1.0, 2.0, and give full play to our technical resources to help them achieve industrial upgrading 3.0.

The company attaches great importance to the construction of innovation system, our culture, innovation management mechanism, innovative methodologies, knowledge management systems and databases of experts five aspects innovation system, rebuilding a more dynamic, innovative system and is closely related to the interests of everyone from innovation to improve innovation transaction management. Everyone should have a scientific and innovative methods, tools, our innovative approach to system construction process, we can learn from the advanced method of system or methodology. Let's say by the former Soviet Union Genrich Altshuller ? Tesla Vicky founded "TRIZ" innovation management theory system. Altshuller and its companions by 2.5 million copies of patent study in 1946 found that innovation law, which is TRIZ. Aziz said Schuler, innovation through innovative methods rather than by the amount of knowledge to achieve. TRIZ contains many fragmented innovative approaches, these methods according to identify problems, analyze problems and problem-solving logic organically combine to form a systematic innovation methodology, which is ARIZ (AlgorithmofTRIZ, innovative algorithms). ARIZ through learning and training, people can really have the ability to solve problems creatively. If TRIZ is scaffolding, ARIZ is the blueprint to build tall buildings. It is through the application of TRIZ tools, ARIZ stepping on the beat, step by step, innovative vision into reality. We live in a world of inertia of thinking, the inertia of thinking in general is favorable, but for complex cases, the inertia of thinking will become an obstacle to solving the problem. Therefore, we must not only learn how to effectively carry out the inertia of thinking, but also learn how to effectively break the inertia of thinking. We will organize learning TRIZ system theory, within the company launched a series of seminars to help most of the technical staff at different levels have become the inventor, to build a strong foundation for sustainable innovation capability development of the company.

Electromagnetic center, electrical center as the company's R & D center, to active thinking, active play to their technical superiority, and constantly improve the technological level, refused to mediocrity, the courage to create something new, to be more innovation, continuous improvement of existing products, improve reliability, caught every opportunity to make use of all resources, improvement of product upgrades and innovation. Start small, perseverance, to break the limitations of the habit of thinking, with the "play" mentality to do innovation. Businesses and individuals to develop, to emancipate the mind, open eyes, bold vision, careful gathering of evidence, this is a personal way, but also the way enterprises from around the discovery can improve things in the technical capabilities or can be done through the efforts Looking to be within the scope of the technology sector not only want to do in metallurgy industry upgrading, innovation, but also in other areas of electrical and mechanical control, relying on existing resources, to make marketable products, the development of innovative services.

I am very happy to share with everyone, I hope you appreciate my good intentions, understand my mind, and take a positive thinking, positive action, for themselves and for the company to do some more meaningful and valuable thing, as far as possible a clear conscience, life without regret. thank you all!

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